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World Information
Players Online: 240 Players Online
Creation Date:19/01/2017
Location:South America
PvP Type:Open-PvP

Players Online
Name Level   Vocation  
Akus Dark436Master Sorcerer
Alexis Sanchez613Royal Paladin
Alfito422Royal Paladin
Amatista663Elite Knight
Angie Archer344Royal Paladin
Aomine Daiki884Master Sorcerer
Ashari Gaewin408Master Sorcerer
Bag Bak428Royal Paladin
Barbariana285Royal Paladin
Barbariwis344Elite Knight
Bellegere343Royal Paladin
Berlini335Elite Knight
Bhasma644Royal Paladin
Bruster532Elite Knight
Butanding503Master Sorcerer
Cachudo898Elite Knight
Calderrock302Elite Knight
Carmencha896Royal Paladin
Cathy Barriga263Elite Knight
Cayo692Elder Druid
Charles Mariano659Master Sorcerer
Chucruta345Master Sorcerer
Chupanito569Master Sorcerer
Coleccionista456Royal Paladin
Coronavairus254Royal Paladin
Covid Reloaded381Royal Paladin
Cu Chulain501Elite Knight
Cucsks608Elite Knight
Dalton Hunt410Elite Knight
Darek439Royal Paladin
Dark Ombre474Elite Knight
Darknight409Elite Knight
Darkon429Elite Knight
Darkraknarok465Elite Knight
Darth Kumer676Elder Druid
Dekto505Master Sorcerer
Desmond408Master Sorcerer
Destructor427Elite Knight
Detecta412Royal Paladin
Dexter360Elder Druid
Dikamir Thor254Elite Knight
Dobletematutino573Elder Druid
Dominadox402Elite Knight
Don Falopin264Paladin
Don Neo Reload400Master Sorcerer
Doppelganger369Elite Knight
Dr House402Elder Druid
Dr Pascal613Elite Knight
Dr Strange65Druid
Dragon Of Nova582Master Sorcerer
Drax'sack371Elite Knight
Drenzit321Royal Paladin
Droseef683Elite Knight
Duck265Elder Druid
Echiso Strike546Elite Knight
Ed Bot405Druid
Einsamkeit555Elder Druid
Ek Ek Ek262Elite Knight
El Distancias83Paladin
El Kina Brijido273Elite Knight
El Loco Pala277Royal Paladin
El Malandro357Master Sorcerer
El Miron406Royal Paladin
El Pichula490Elite Knight
El Pichulon100Paladin
El Robo203Elite Knight
Elite Knight504Elite Knight
Elite Neik703Elite Knight
Elite Paladin802Royal Paladin
Elite Raixman470Elite Knight
Elka Lule421Elite Knight
Elmismisimoctm364Elite Knight
Eltu Lachi128Knight
Estarossa Hard279Knight
Evelyn Matthei555Master Sorcerer
Falo San250Royal Paladin
Fanyzhu697Master Sorcerer
Fat Kid411Elder Druid
Faunini475Royal Paladin
Fischer194Elite Knight
Fischer Royal375Royal Paladin
Fit Cardi671Royal Paladin
Frenesis336Master Sorcerer
Gary Scorpio438Master Sorcerer
Gathokz307Royal Paladin
Gio Hawk551Master Sorcerer
Gon Freecss504Royal Paladin
Gran Rah636Master Sorcerer
Hagapito433Elite Knight
Handalf628Elder Druid
Honera413Elite Knight
Il Marvin251Paladin
Inconscient612Elder Druid
Insane Soul311Elite Knight
Jiraiya463Elite Knight
John Bencina113Druid
Johnny Sins555Royal Paladin
Juglar534Master Sorcerer
Kesew423Royal Paladin
Ketu551Royal Paladin
Kiltrohd302Elite Knight
Kina607Elite Knight
King Midas372Elder Druid
King Zeus281Royal Paladin
Knighteko491Elite Knight
Kosmic670Elite Knight
Krotarek1100Royal Paladin
Kuckiedro594Master Sorcerer
Kumita337Royal Paladin
Kurt678Elite Knight
Kutagawa452Elite Knight
Lady Mau891Elite Knight
Lamatic367Elder Druid
Lanueveochotres333Royal Paladin
Last Rp319Royal Paladin
Lenuberius1124Elder Druid
Leondecollao310Royal Paladin
Lichen439Master Sorcerer
Liferti1133Master Sorcerer
Locodoco294Royal Paladin
Lothbrok309Elite Knight
Luis Alberto643Royal Paladin
Lysergik443Elder Druid
Maatig530Elite Knight
Madeleine404Royal Paladin
Magicman408Master Sorcerer
Makunouchi302Elite Knight
Male Knight492Elite Knight
Manalich Culiao361Royal Paladin
Mannschaft406Elite Knight
Manso Donner429Master Sorcerer
Mapuche Peruano431Elite Knight
Mata Pela546Royal Paladin
Mc Gushierr472Elite Knight
Mc Marvin574Master Sorcerer
Mc Objetivo152Paladin
Melkor699Elite Knight
Misa Amane176Elite Knight
Mr Vagipene359Elder Druid
Ms Bot408Sorcerer
Mtyrael332Royal Paladin
Nachito677Elder Druid
Naranak350Elite Knight
Naxulod421Elite Knight
Nbahh575Royal Paladin
Ne Ikz488Elite Knight
Neo Reloaded405Master Sorcerer
Ner Vioso303Elder Druid
Neutrality557Royal Paladin
Nianiz790Elite Knight
Nikong595Master Sorcerer
No Soy Nadie430Elite Knight
Oso Asesino426Royal Paladin
Pablinsky313Royal Paladin
Palapro334Royal Paladin
Palketempina281Royal Paladin
Parga Reloaded395Elder Druid
Pedrito Engel860Elite Knight
Peofuerte392Elite Knight
Peoronco316Royal Paladin
Pepe Verde415Royal Paladin
Pepperrs496Master Sorcerer
Perkin310Royal Paladin
Perra Astuta662Elite Knight
Piscoy Ron302Elite Knight
Piterpirocaloca432Elder Druid
Polnareff378Royal Paladin
Poratrasmasrico554Master Sorcerer
Porlanariz210Master Sorcerer
Psychophant397Elder Druid
Qoatl765Master Sorcerer
Que Pasa Charchazo Ql304Elite Knight
Quepahoo330Elite Knight
Ragnarlothbrock475Elder Druid
Raic Dalos303Royal Paladin
Rechazo304Elder Druid
Retsek200Royal Paladin
Ridewander674Royal Paladin
Riven645Elite Knight
Rob Sexo621Royal Paladin
Rob Shelby511Master Sorcerer
Romeo Santos621Elite Knight
Rosa Espinoza585Master Sorcerer
Royal Compyrat109Paladin
Royal Knight453Elite Knight
Rp Bot461Royal Paladin
Saint Vallion302Elite Knight
Sapo Diaz314Royal Paladin
Savage Kit380Royal Paladin
Seahorse399Royal Paladin
Shadowbolt Machine310Elder Druid
Sheshe Druid415Elder Druid
Shikamaru452Elder Druid
Shocolo1190Elite Knight
Sika Qq415Elder Druid
Sir Narkolas450Elite Knight
Sir Wea99Knight
Sitozk311Royal Paladin
Smoked675Elite Knight
Sorc Evil271Master Sorcerer
Strogosferikus813Elite Knight
Stroke Loro661Elite Knight
Templar Mage423Elder Druid
Tipica464Royal Paladin
Tongua Asesino343Royal Paladin
Top Fist60Knight
Trompeta412Master Sorcerer
Tularga309Elite Knight
Ulises Finch363Royal Paladin
Uretra456Elite Knight
Venom Snake348Royal Paladin
Wallace444Elite Knight
Wehrmacht613Royal Paladin
Weird Bird371Royal Paladin
Wewecito273Royal Paladin
Wu Tang688Elder Druid
Xvero309Elite Knight
Yerri Reloaded392Elite Knight
Yisuss687Elite Knight
Zabala451Elite Knight
Zaccoweb267Elite Knight
Zero Positivo346Royal Paladin
Zhaliscoo219Elder Druid
Zukkzs410Master Sorcerer
[G]Hostemane755Royal Paladin
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Players Online
1Shocolo 1190
2Liferti 1133
3Lenuberius 1124
4Krotarek 1100
5Cachudo 898
6Carmencha 896
7Lady Mau 891
8Aomine Daiki 884
9Pedrito Engel 860
10Gronex 825