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World Information
Players Online: 90 Players Online
Creation Date:19/01/2017
Location:South America
PvP Type:Open-PvP

Players Online
Name Level   Vocation  
Alexis Sanchez612Royal Paladin
Ana All26Knight
Anuel Aa617Elite Knight
Atooritmo527Master Sorcerer
Atrovian315Master Sorcerer
Bridey467Elite Knight
Cachudo643Elite Knight
Cagastectm244Royal Paladin
Carmencha250Royal Paladin
Coke Ek378Elite Knight
Darek409Royal Paladin
Darius Sempai442Elite Knight
Dead Of Kain26Knight
Desgarrano308Elite Knight
Detecta392Royal Paladin
Doctor Dreams301Royal Paladin
Dolor802Master Sorcerer
Dralbeck547Royal Paladin
Ed Maik258Elder Druid
Egoraptor586Elite Knight
El Basura557Elder Druid
El Miron394Royal Paladin
El Observador410Royal Paladin
Elite Brodsta323Knight
Elite Paladin727Royal Paladin
Elquetelo319Master Sorcerer
Eltotti651Elder Druid
Ethians Santino203Elite Knight
Evincar324Master Sorcerer
Faunini403Royal Paladin
Gato Lule401Royal Paladin
Harambe Shifter304Elder Druid
Hope634Elite Knight
Hopeless316Royal Paladin
Kina607Elite Knight
Kirito Senpai660Elite Knight
Krotarek639Royal Paladin
Lady Bersek364Elite Knight
Lady Mau639Elite Knight
Lana Rhoades420Elite Knight
Lanueveochotres333Royal Paladin
Lenuberius681Elder Druid
Liferti604Master Sorcerer
Lone Digger606Master Sorcerer
Lopez Kina472Elite Knight
Lopez Paly579Royal Paladin
Male Knight485Elite Knight
Master Click275Royal Paladin
Matame235Royal Paladin
Mini Darek523Royal Paladin
Misaki Knight399Elite Knight
Miss Maryjane601Elder Druid
Modo Diaulo681Elder Druid
Mr Zeus330Master Sorcerer
Nochino425Elite Knight
Nohaymano403Elite Knight
Oso Asesino388Royal Paladin
Pablo Chill376Royal Paladin
Pally624Royal Paladin
Payaazo Loko409Elder Druid
Pedrito Engel616Elite Knight
Pinkipau706Elite Knight
Princesaa Alba490Elder Druid
Ridewander570Royal Paladin
Royal Knight354Elite Knight
Rp Bot310Royal Paladin
Ruloco Ed302Elder Druid
Russ556Royal Paladin
Saenz302Elite Knight
Saint Knight311Elite Knight
Savage Kit340Royal Paladin
Sebawa610Elite Knight
Shocolo741Elite Knight
The Viper446Elite Knight
Tia Yonofui265Elite Knight
Troll De Jom432Royal Paladin
Troubb551Royal Paladin
Troye Sivan250Elite Knight
Tu Qualkier Wea314Elite Knight
Weird Bird302Royal Paladin
Wosito630Elite Knight
Yodaed614Elder Druid
Zorojuro335Elite Knight
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Players Online
1Dolor 802
2Shocolo 741
3Nianiz 727
4Elite Paladin 727
5Pinkipau 706
6Kikan 702
7Lenuberius 681
8Modo Diaulo 681
9Smoked 677
10Kirito Senpai 660